"Bringing it Back" CD Review        3/14/03


Gary Ferguson

   Just listened to the Orchard Boys new CD- "Bringing It Back". The first time I heard these guys, what caught my ear was their harmony. Turns out there are 3 brothers in the band. Well I'll be durn! That explains a lot. Tight harmonies. The second thing that grabbed me was their song selection- not what most of your average Bluegrass bands would play. Very interesting material. The album starts out with a good version of the old Pure Prairie League song- "Country Song"- done very well I might add!

Now that I've listened to the CD several times- another thing keeps jumping out at me- Paul Houck's banjo playing. Listen to "Snallygaster"- a Houck composition- my guess is that after a few banjo players hear this tune they are gonna want to learn it.

My personal favorites are "Snallygaster", "Country Song", "Brown-Eyed Women" and the Dolly Parton song "Steady as the Rain". A well rounded CD with a couple of Gospel and original songs added for good measure- one of them acapella. If I had to pick just one over all the others it would be the Hunter/Garcia song "Brown Eyed Women"- Great version!!

Good job boys! (Orchard Boys- that is)