Here are a few pictures from some of our recent gigs.


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Tiffany Tavern on June 5th, 2004, pics courtesy of John Updike Bubby, John/Jim/Jeff, Fred
WaterFowl Festival in Easton, Md on Nov. 11, 2002 O'Boys playing in front of the Arts Museum in downtown Easton:  O'Boys, O'Boys w/ guest fiddler
WaterFowl Festival in Easton, Md on Nov 11, 2001 Bubby, Tide_1, Tide_2, Tide_3, Tide_4, Tide_Fred, Tide_Trio1, Tide_Trio2
American Music and Arts Festival on July 8th, 2001 pic's courtesy of Heather O'Boys on Stage#1,  O'Boys on Stage#2,             Bubby on stage,  Singing in the CanBand Photo#1,  Band Photo#2
Gerry and Carol's on July 4th 2001 pic's courtesy of Eddie Herring Note: Bubby couldn't make it to this one!

The_Brothers#1The_Brothers#2The Beef,   The_O'boys Tour Bus,  The_Boys#1The_Boys#2

Cactus Flats on June 3rd, 2001        
Paul's Wedding May 26th 2001